Laid Off? Downsized? Too Much Credit Card Debt? Retired Trying To Live Off Social Security? Discover The New Frugal Lifestyle eBook Plan That Helps You Make Ends Meet And Puts Money Back In Your Pocket

I have to be honest with you. This frugal lifestyle eBook plan is not for everyone. It does require some work and a new way of thinking.If you can do these two things and follow an eight step program, then I guarantee this frugal lifestyle eBook plan will work for you and,best of all, put a smile back on your face.

From the desk of James Aldridge

The Frugal Lifestyle Plan

There is nothing worse than waking up every day consumed with the thought that there isn't enough money to make ends meet or why my credit card and other debts won't go down or why I don't have enough extra money to do the things I would like to do.As days and weeks go by, the stress builds up and you are constantly wondering what on earth can be done to help you have a better life and let you start living more fully again.

There is something which can be done that is practical and will be fun.

Not being able to meet all of your financial commitments each month without having to work two or three jobs is stressful enough but when you have children and they want to do things, it pulls on your heartstrings. You feel bad that you can't afford even $20 to take them out for a few hours.

So what are you going to do?

What you can do I will explain shortly. You may have tried cutting back some on your groceries, but from past experience, you know that this made you feel that this was a waste of time. You probably thought about selling some unwanted items in your house, but when you look around you soon realize that this is not meaningful and you may as well just keep them yourself.

You could take on extra work but after taxes have taken their share of your money there is little left and it hardly seems worthwhile putting yourself out there five evenings a week for a few extra dollars.

So this is what life is like. It's stressful, frustrating and, at times, seems hopeless. Not exactly what you planned for yourself is it.

There has to be an easier way to rebalance your life and put time and money back into your pocket. There has to be!

I want to show you how you can radically transform your life in just the same way as I had to when I was faced with the situation of losing my job. I promise you it's not going to involve you taking out any loans or joining any get-rich-quick-schemes, but what it is rather, is the way in which my wife and I had to adopt a frugal living lifestyle.

When we became unemployed in 2009, our savings started shrinking quite rapidly, and despite the fact that we both applied for jobs, nothing was working and we had to find ways to plug this cash leakage from our resources, fast!

We quickly undertook extensive research so we could find out ways that cut back on every aspect of life but did not cut down on our quality of life, but rather helped improve it. As we began using the techniques and adjusting them to our own life, we realized that actually we had created a plan that gave us our life back, and strangely, we were enjoying it more than before because of how we had approached our dire problem.

We found that instead of being stressed from the moment we woke up, we were waking up with a smile on our faces and actually looked forward to each day. This sounds crazy but it's absolutely true, and I urge you if you are going through hell at this minute to seriously consider trying out the Frugal Lifestyle eBook Plan.

I want to banish some common myths and preconceptions that many people commonly have before they try the plan.

Frugal Lifestyle Myth 1: Being frugal means buying cheap.This is most certainly not true. Being cheap means getting the lowest price for a product or service regardless of value, whereas being frugal according to our plan actually offers you plenty of value. Being frugal in the way we mean actually gives you a great appreciation for consumer products and enables you to select products which are high in value but cost far less.

Frugal Lifestyle Myth 2: Being frugal means having a boring life. Actually, with our plan you will start to see there is so much more to do, Everyone who is struggling to make ends meet, even if they have good jobs can use this plan to drop their stress levels, do more things with the family and eat like royalty. You'll laugh when you read how we make each of our dollars scream for mercy! It really is seriously good fun! It doesn't take too long to implement, and when it is implemented you will love it as it's so simple.

Frugal Lifestyle Myth 3: You will not be able to eat healthily when being frugal like we had to. This is the biggest myth going! We actually believed that we would have to live like paupers or poor students and eat spaghetti every day, but when we really looked at what the most successful frugal people did, we found we hit on something that worked, gave us delicious meals each and every day, and in fact we have never eaten so well.

Frugal Lifestyle Myth 4: It's going to take you a long time to do this. While it does take a little bit of effort to get going, the reality is that after the start-up phase, there really is very little more to it, and it's just a simple case of staying on top of the basics, and you will notice within weeks how much money you are saving – and this is going to amaze you - it did us, that's for sure.

Grab your copy right now for the low price of just $9.95 and see how much of a difference it makes to your finances in as little as 2 - 4 weeks from today. You will almost certainly make this money back within your first 2 weeks of using this easy to follow frugal lifestyle eBook.

So what sort of things can you expect to see if you get a copy of “The Frugal Lifestyle Plan”?

I cover the most significant areas of daily living where it is possible to save money and cut costs, while at the same time maintaining a quality of life you can live with. You will not have to live like a poor student when you follow “The Frugal Lifestyle Plan”, and in less than 2 weeks you can begin living the life that puts cash in your pocket and more importantly takes the stress away!

I lay everything out in a straightforward manner that is easy to follow. I show you what things need to be dealt with, ranging from budgeting, meal planning, food items, cleaning items to other areas such as energy costs and your car and it's maintenance.

When you think about all of these things you might feel overwhelmed. Please, don't be! You don't HAVE to do everything at one time. You could choose to deal with one or two things a week and become good at doing these. Then move on to other techniques until your expenses have been cut down as low as they will go. I took baby steps and did one thing at a time. Over the course of a year, the savings made a deep impact on my life. Remember, small savings grow into large savings quickly.

I like to make every dollar scream for mercy, so I hope that when you read the frugal lifestyle eBook plan you will begin to do the same.

I really am proud that I have been through the hard times and managed to bring my family through these and into a meaningful, new frugal lifestyle. You get a real sense of achievement when you are able to do this under your own steam, nothing can really beat this feeling.

Who Will Benefit Most from the Frugal Lifestyle Plan?

  • Those who have lost their jobs and there is no money coming in.
  • Two income families where one wage earner has lost his/her job and only one pay-check is supporting the family.
  • Those whose jobs have been cut back to part time.
  • Mothers who want to stay home and raise their children on a full time basis.
  • Those who want to save money to meet certain objectives such as credit card debt reduction, a special vacation, etc.
  • Retired persons or those about to retire who are now trying or will have to try living on social security.
  • Finally, all those who simply want to make ends meet.

My frugal lifestyle blueprint is going to systematically attack every area of your life in the shortest possible time so that you can quickly deal with everything which affects you financially. Once you've managed to shave 10% to 75% or more from various areas of your life you will be amazed how this stacks up so you actually have more money left at the end of the month.

Listen, I know what it's like to be in a bad place. We've been there and we went through a very difficult time trying to piece together all the ways to help us get through it. I spent countless hours finding the best ways to cut costs but not cut the quality of life at the same time, and it's all right here in the frugal lifestyle eBook plan.

You really do not have to go through all of that. If you follow my fun frugal living plan, you will be able to deal with all these issues within weeks and then you will begin to notice the savings piling up. Once you've set things up, you then simply get on with living life with a lot less stress bombarding you every day. Life is for living, not for stressing!

Look, I tell it like it is. You could spend hours and hours conducting your own research and find all the ways to get your costs down, but the thing is, I have been there and done it. I have also made it into a process that is fun and will definitely get you smiling again, and enjoying life with your loved ones. I have found the ways to stretch almost every dollar I spend and you can do it to. I really do mean this from the heart. We actually ENJOYED doing this so much it enabled us to become debt free. I challenge you to find any other frugal lifestyle eBook plan that makes it fun-filled. This, I believe, is the key that made us stick with it through difficult times.

The frugal lifestyle eBook plan will simply put you on the best path so that you can deal with all these issues in the shortest possible time. It worked for me, and because my frugal living plan was actually enjoyable to follow, I was able to stick with it and actually lead a far more fulfilling life, and pay off all my debts, and that is one feeling you can not beat.

Getting up every morning knowing you have no debts is a great thing to try and achieve. You should try it.

Grab a copy of my frugal lifestyle eBook plan today for just $9.95 and within 1 – 2 weeks you could find your costs are reduced significantly, meaning less stress and more money. You only get one chance in life, so why spend every day feeling depressed and in despair? It's just not worth it. Do something about it right now. This really is risk free – if you simply adopt some of my tips, you will recoup your money within 2 weeks of starting. There is nothing quite so liberating!

See what people are saying about my Plan:


From S and J Baird- Southwest Florida

Hi James, I wanted to say thanks to you for all your help and advice, and of course say thanks for your guide. It's been fantastic in terms of helping us achieve a better life! I've spent the best part of 10 years living life on the edge financially and never having enough money to do anything substantial. It's absolutely true when you say that your kids notice things. I thoroughly believe that I've not been able to fulfil my 2 girls' lives in quite the way I always wanted to. There have been countless occasions when I could have simply taken them to the park but was too stressed, thinking about money all of the time. Instead I would go to work on a Saturday morning for a few hours, and then spend all Sunday and every evening trying to make extra money online. I believe this was all at the expense of a relationship between a father and his children. I will never ever let this happen again. Since ordering your guide, I have seen some significant changes. It took me a little longer than you said to go through all of my debts and reorganise them, but that is because I had some commitments I could not get away from at the time. Still overall I believe it has saved me at least a third of what I used to pay on debts, but the biggest savings has been in the food we eat. I can't believe the savings you can make when you follow your food guides. We used to spend $200 a week on groceries (for a family of 4) but now we have shaved a massive 35% off of this, and have been able to recoup almost $280 every month, and I can tell you, that goes a VERY long way to easing my mind. I've been able to pay extra on most of my already lowered financial commitments, and have some left over to spend. I no longer work on a weekend, and the kids and me get to spend some quality time together. I just wanted to say thanks anyway for helping me make the move and getting this done. Even though I knew the info was out there, I didn't have to trawl the internet to find it. It's not something I wanted to do, so I got your guide and was impressed how it made me take action. So, thanks a lot!

From G Gonzalez- Orange County, California

Hi James: Your eBook was a great find for me because it gave me a way to get started on saving money by following a frugal life. I am new to trying to save money and some of your ideas and tips I would have never thought of. Just the links you provided in your frugal shopping section will save me hundreds of dollars. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

So there you have it. The easiest route to a solution is to follow a path someone else has already been on. I've been in a position where we only had our savings to rely on, and as they reduced each month I began to panic, so had to think of something I could do to reverse the trend and make them last far longer.

The hardship I was going through was no fun, so when I turned to living a frugal lifestyle I was determined to make it as enjoyable as possible. I had no desire to lead a life living like a cave dweller, walking round the house with nothing but a candle. No, that wasn't the lifestyle for me. I wanted to be able to lead a cost efficient lifestyle but also to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

I am very pleased to be able to say I managed to achieve this, and have never looked back. You can do the same, and will hopefully be thanking me in the next few months as you begin dealing with all the financial constraints that merely tie you down each month.

It's time for you to take action. Get my plan and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Follow my tips and within a short period of time your money outflow will be substantially reduced and you will start to see what it is like having money left over each and every month. Just taking some kind of action to solve your problems brings a great feeling of calmness and makes you a happier person, and this positive vibe extends right to your family, so it can only be a good thing.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me I want to help you like this has helped me. The Chinese proverb “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” is just as true today as it was centuries ago.

Purchase “The Frugal Lifestyle Plan” today in full confidence.

(Priced at just $9.95, which will be recoupedwithin the first 1-2 weeks of following my blueprint)


James Aldridge
(debt free and proud of it!)

p.s. If you are not entirely satisfied then you can simply ask for a full refund. I know this works because I have used it extensively to take me from a position of worry and stress to a position of empowerment and happiness. Simply try my plan and I will be glad to offer any help I can, you only have to ask.

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