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Frugal shopping for clothing may sound uninspiring, but it isn't. Most of us enjoy having nice clothes to wear. Clothes do more than just keep us covered and protected; they offer us an opportunity to express our own creativity, personality and mood. But how do you buy really great clothes, even designer label clothes, for you and your family on a limited budget? The answer is- thrifty shopping.

There are different "levels" of frugal shoppers but they all have one thing in common- they all save money.

Level One

The level one frugal shopper will generally accept buying only new clothes and will concentrate on the clearance racks and end-of-season sales at the major discount stores such as Marshalls, Ross, Target, TJ Max, Walmart or whatever is in your local area. This can also include the warehouse clubs such as Costco. By taking advantage of the discount stores end of season sales, you are buying a year in advance but when that next season comes around, you will have saved 50% to 90% off the full retail price.

Level Two

These thrifty shoppers will be looking for the maximum possible savings by shopping at thrift shops and consignment stores.

Thrift shops are sometimes referred to as resale stores and are represented by such organizations as Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army. Most of the clothing will be gently used but offered at prices that are pennies on the dollar from full retail.

Consignment stores will offer a higher quality of merchandise and much of it will be brand name products. If you are looking for a special pair of Levi jeans that sell for $ 20 rather than their original $150, then these are the places for you.

Level two will also include garage sales. This approach will require a lot of searching but occasionally you will find a great bargain for what you need. Frugal Shopping

Level Three

The third level of frugal shopper uses their computer and the internet for online shopping. If you are able and willing to do some research, incredible, rock bottom bargains can easily be found. Websites such as Ebay, Craig’s List, and are examples of good frugal online shopping destinations.

Swap or Sell Clothes you don’t wear anymore

There will be clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer love. It happens and is a very normal occurrence. In fact, most people wear less than 25% of the contents of their wardrobes regularly. If you find this to the case, try freeing up some room in your wardrobe by selling those clothes to second-hand shops or on Ebay.

You can also think about swapping them with friends or other clothes-lovers. There are numerous websites where you can find people to swap clothes with because that piece of clothing that you no longer want could be the perfect article of clothing for someone else out there and you may get what you want in the bargain.

Shop at Home

Rather than buy the latest style of clothing every year, go through your entire closet, clothes bins and storage cabinets for you and your family and see exactly what you have. You may have many items you purchased last season, when they were 75% off, that you can mix and match with other parts of your wardrobe to have that new and up to date look.

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