Thrifty Fun

Thrifty Fun

Thrifty fun is possible with a frugal lifestyle. Being frugal in your spending habits doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself inside the house on the weekends.

There are plenty of fun activities that you can take part in without the need to constantly worry about how much you’re spending. Some of these are even completely free. If you’re reluctant to give up on your entertainment choices, simply find ways in which you can enjoy them and pay less.

Here are some examples of entertainment that anyone can enjoy while following a frugal lifestyle:

Thrifty Fun: Movies

Going to the movies is certainly fun entertainment. However, at today’s prices, it can become quite expensive if you want to go often, especially for a family. The good news is that seeing some first run movies can still fit into your frugal lifestyle.

Plan to use some of these suggestions:

  • AAA- If you are a member, you can purchase tickets to Regal, Edwards and UA theaters for $6 each. You will have to buy 10 or more tickets at a time.
  • Costco- The club allows you to buy a group booklet of five tickets for Regal Cinemas. This bulk purchase will bring the individual ticket price down to $7.50.
  • Movie Rewards Cards- Most theaters are now providing movie rewards cards. Joining is usually free and after so many visits, you will earn free tickets and other discounts.
  • Entertainment Book- This is a type of coupon book that sells for around $ 20 and offers movie tickets for as low as $ 6. You can access information on this type of discounting by going to

Thrifty Fun: Music

If you can’t live life without music, there are still ways for you to not do without. Listening to the radio is a great way to enjoy free music.

For those of you who have cable television, you might want to check whether you’ve got access to music channels.

Going to the library might also be a good option as they often have a variety of CDs available. Some may be willing to purchase a particular CD if you make a special request.

Thrifty Fun: Books

Once again, going to the library is a great option for book-lovers who want to save a lot of money. After all, if you’re only planning to read the book once, why pay full price for it when you can borrow it for free at your local library.

However, if you’re someone who likes having a collection of books to reread over and over again; or if you use them for reference, there are still a few thrifty strategies you can adopt to stretch your dollar.

Wait until the paperback is out as it costs significantly less and takes up less space on your book shelf. Try finding a bookstore that has frequent special promotions, discounts or book sales.

Some stores may offer a yearly membership special where you pay a certain amount to join and you get a discount on purchases made within the year. This can be a great deal if the discounts you get from the books you intend to buy for the year are greater than the membership fee.

Some bookstores have a website where you can sign up for a regular e-newsletter, which often contains vouchers that you can use to grab some great buys at discounted prices.

Alternatively, if you like collecting books but you don’t have the space at home for them, consider buying e-books.

These are cheaper than physical books and can be read on such electronic devices like the Kindle or iPhone. And the best part is that you can store hundreds of e-books on these small hand-held devices.

Thrifty Fun: Sports

Everyone needs some type of physical exercise, whether outdoors or indoors. Enjoying a meaningful and fun sports activity doesn’t have to break your budget. Some considerations are:

  • Walking/Running- This is an excellent low cost way to get out-of-doors. You will only have to invest in walking/running shoes and perhaps a rain jacket.
  • Local Team Sports- Get your friends together to play softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. An open field or park is all you need for this get together. These are frugal choices that will provide benefits beyond being physically fit.
  • Indoor Sports and Activities- Instead of paying for expensive yoga, martial arts or aerobic activities, buy or rent a video from which you can learn and practice. Also there are many books on these subjects, many of which can be found in your local library.

Thrifty Fun: Plays & Musical Performances

There are many colleges that offer entertaining and inexpensive (sometimes free) plays, musicals, concerts, recitals, cultural events, debates, planetariums, and so on. These are also great places to walk, as the grounds are often well-tended, beautiful and peaceful. Many also have old statues, buildings and historic sites that may interest you.

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